School EasyPay

an easy, tailor-made payment solution for school fees.

School fees are made easy with School EasyPay

Payments can be made by any card or account (dependent on school preferences):

Credit Card Payment Options

Schools can implement these easy payment methods:

A. AutoPay

  • Payments are automatically processed monthly or each term using the parent’s nominated card or bank account.
  • Alternatively, the school can submit a batch file of amounts due.
  • Parents are in the know with Email or SMS payment confirmations.

B. WebPay

  • This online payment portal enables fees to be processed via a hyperlink on the school’s website or on this website.
  • All fees can be processed including tuition, boarding, contributions, sports, excursions, deposits, fundraising and more.
  • This online portal can also be used by school staff to accept payments in the office.


Extensive email and online reporting is available to schools to make reconciliation a breeze.

Parents also receive convenient online access to their payment history.